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Suio  is a town in the southern part of Lazio province in central peninsular section of Italy, located on the northernmost slopes of the Monti Aurunci, near the Garigliano river. Suio consists of two parts: Upper Suio (Suio Paese or Suio Alto), situated on a hill with a medieval castle, and Lower Suio (Forma di Suio), at the feet of the hill. Five kilometers away from Suio is located the resort area Suio Terme – a natural place were hot thermal springs exist. The thermal baths and mud of Suio have been known since the ancient times and are mentioned in the writings of Pliny the Elder, Lucan, Cicero. Baths of Suio were recognized by the Roman legions for the treatment of injuries and by noble ladies to improve their appearance until the late Roman Empire. During the archaeological excavations in Suio Terme in the 19th century there were discovered the remnants of Emperor Nero's baths. Thermal tourism in Suio became popular again after the World War II, mainly for the treatment of injuries of battles participants. Now the healing water and mud of Suio Term are used for rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases and rejuvenation.